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Benchtop mini series
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LabelOn™ Mini Labeling Machines

LabelOn™ Mini is our line of Automated Labeling Machines with smaller footprints designed for smaller businesses or start-up companies who understand the struggle of labeling their products by hand. The Small Footprint is a huge advantage when you may not have the luxury of a large production area.

The LabelOn™ Mini can be used for different sized bottles and for smaller production runs. The LabelOn™ Mini Label Applicators do nearly everything their more expensive counterparts do, but at a fraction of the cost. The demand for these smaller labeler machines is undeniable. Highly accurate, they apply your labels quickly and efficiently, save you valuable time and make a huge statement in the appearance of your finished product.

Induction Sealing Machine

Benchtop Induction Sealing Machine

Following frequent inquiries for a reasonably priced induction machine from smaller businesses, some start-up companies, and testing laboratories, we have decided to make available a safe and affordable induction sealing unit. Smaller businesses have low budgets in mind, but it doesn’t mean that they are ready to compromise worker safety and product integrity. Regrettably, there are few good entry level induction machines in the market that offer security and peace of mind when it comes to the process associated with High Voltage, High Current and Strong Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation. Most low cost induction sealing units do not present CE safety certification. The SealerOn™ is constructed with the user safety and operation in mind. The equipment comes with European Compliance safety certifications for LV and EMF. Finally the Machinery is truly serviceable; Not a mess of wires that require soldering and a highly trained power electronics technician to change the main card.

About Adeneli Cottage Site

Adeneli Packaging designs and supplies a comprehensive range of cost-effective Labeling Machines.  Adeneli also specializes in Induction Sealing Machines and can supply Filling and Heat Sealing Machines.


Adeneli resells packaging consumables and has strong relationships with suppliers of labels, induction foils, bottles, jars and caps. These relationships enable us to help you properly pair your equipment with your packaging materials.  As Adeneli deals with much higher volume clients we also have the expertise and buying power to bring you competitive pricing that is often only available to the big guys.


Adeneli Packaging Cottage is our division dedicated to you, the new manufacturer. We understand the difficulties typically experienced by a company creating a new product. There are so many variables to be considered: What is the shape of the container? Is it straight sided or tapered? Is there a lip or indentation on the container? How many packages do you need to make? What type of plastic is the container? What type of seal do you need? And many, many other questions. Where do you start?


Large manufacturers have the advantage of dedicated departments staffed with people who know the packaging process. In the past, as a small manufacturer, you were on your own to locate all the pieces of the puzzle. It is an arduous process with many pitfalls and traps along the way. Adeneli Packaging is here to provide personalized Packaging Consulting Services to get you started and guide you through the initial launch, though the semi-automated phase and onto the fully automated phase of machinery.


Moving into the automated or semi-automated space used to be a huge leap for a small manufacturer. At Adeneli we understand you need to present professional packaging at a price point achievable for the small manufacturer. Our owner, Ben Bornstein, created the Cottage line specifically to bridge that gap. Our representatives will help you through the process of deciding machinery and doing test runs with your package, labels, and seals to ensure a solution that truly works.


Adeneli Packaging Cottage is your single source for automating your packaging process – You only get one chance to make a first impression – Let Adeneli Packaging Cottage help you put your best foot forward.

Mini Labeling Machines

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Hand Channel Slide Tamp – Model LHCST


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Induction Machines

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